Friday, 11 November 2011

Its A BoY!! / Un garçon de son!!

Some very good friends of ours who I met in French classes have just had a baby this may not seem like anything to far from the norm to celebrate but this baby is extra special because his Mum and Dad met late on in life and never thought that they would ever be given the opportunity to become parents so their pregnancy was a nice surprise for all....Liliana was the flowergirl at their wedding and our girls are both very excited about cuddling up with wee Theodore Louis as am I. Last night we met the new proud, somewhat tired, Dad at our local bar 'Le Cafe des Z'Arts' to 'wet the babies head??' Liliana enjoyed the house 'croque monsieur' while we sipped Belge beers and local organic is a great bar that is a staple in Sezanne...full of locals and the pool and table football a welcome change from the usual French bar.
After a few drinks we went to 'La Mezzanine' for dinner...a popular haunt for locals and tourists alike it serves a good steak and for the game customer a variety of local dishes...escargot [snails], the dreaded andouillette and various salads with local was a good dinner and well priced even if the waitress looked extremely overworked...Mike commented on her black aerobics outfit and working a dozen tables alone she definitely had her work cut out running from table to kitchen!! I now have a greater appreciation!! Dessert was good tho'....classic Creme Brulee and Mousse au Chocolat.
 Today we went to Reims to collect Amelia from school and after a little shopping, including an especially chosen wee soft dinosaur for Theodore, we visited a fabulous retro shop 'Hippy Market' newly opened and tucked away in 4/6, passage Talleyrand. Amelia discovered this wee treasure on one of her explorations of Reims. They sell all manner of vintage clothing...just fantastic and shot me back to the days of rummaging through costume hire stores on search of the perfect unique 'piece' for a was fun for all and we snapped up a few you do!!

On a more serious us note November the 11th was also Armistice Day which is a public holiday in France those who took part in W.W.1 AND 11 were remembered in public services...being in Northern France this is a particularly poignant time for many families as they were very hard hit in many towns and villages. Many New Zealand soldiers also died in France so we stopped this morning and took the 2 minute silence to remember those that fought and died from far and near to promote world peace....Thankfully tiny wee lucky Theodore Louis will live such a different life to those boys who had the misfortune to be born and live in that era of turmoil.... 'Lest we forget!!'
Poppies of Northern France

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