Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pears and Figs / Poires et figues

 Today the sun shone early through the mist and as I decided which way to throw my energies I sighted a pile of my figs and a platter of pears from the garden in bowls that were starting to look like they needed dealing that was the kitchen for the day chopping and boiling with the figs and pears the order of the day.
After weighing the figs I realised that 350 gm was not worth the effort so off out to the garden to top up...that pot boiling and jars in to sterilise it was time to peel and chop the pears...
We have a lovely gnarly pear tree in the gardens by the Liliana's school bus stop...the ground was covered in windfall pears last week when I went to meet Liliana off the bus so we filled our pockets and made a sling from my scarf to carry them safely they needed to be lovingly made into jam to preserve them for the mid winter breakfasts...a simple recipe with sugar and lemon juice makes for a tasty addition to Greek yoghurt or a buttery croissant....seems a shame to waste such delicious fruit...
 The last of the seasons fresh fruit....all securely stored in gleaming glass jars ready to enjoy another time...another season....a day well spent!

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