Friday, 25 November 2011

Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg

I have just rediscovered these photos from a visit to Strasbourg in the summer. It was a precious few days away exploring a city and region that we did not know well...first stop was the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg which is the largest of its kind in France. It was a great building with fabulous spaces and while holding pieces from Picasso, Matisse and Rodin's David it also had some very thought provoking contemporary Art that amused and entertained the children. One of the fabulous bonus' of living in Europe...must do it more often!

Strasbourg Cathedral

The main disappointing thing for us was the food of the Alsace region is a little too limited in its style to be of much appeal...plenty of Choucroute served with thick slices of bacon, sausages and frankfurters and is basically shredded cabbage fermented in salt over a period of time and then cooked with Alsace wine and often potatoes and other spices. Not really my cup of tea but Mike enjoyed it. The children were more into the FlammeKueche or Tarte Flambee...there is usually one on the menu with Munster cheese and mushrooms. There was also a lot of pork based slow cooked casseroles with vegetables, garlicky snails and, luckily for me, duck also features prominently on the menu so....Foie Gras it was for me. The wine is very good but simple and the beers got the seal of approval from Mike and Oscar...The countryside is gorgeous and the Alsace Wine Trail definitely worth another visit...without children in tow!

Fond memories of a summer past...and now, Christmas is coming....

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