Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A wee snapshot of Gay Paris in Summertime!

As a break from the routine of daily life Oscar and jumped on the opportunity to head to Paris to drop Amelia off to the Eurostar where she was heading to visit a friend in London.
 No time for anything but a bit of 'drive by shooting' en route to and from home via Gare de Nord but enough of a city fix to amuse and enlighten us as we sat in hideous traffic trying to exit the city...Sad but true that it sometimes nice to immerse yourself into the madness of city life after spending many idyllic weeks in the country...

We were to return again to Paris the following week to greet Amelia after her wee city fix...we stayed longer and wondered the streets of Paris with our dear friends Gerard and Helen on a gorgeous summer afternoon eating delicious food and ice cream and whiling away the hours in Luxemburg Gardens people watching furiously...very amusing....

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