Thursday, 6 October 2011

Champagne Nomine-Renard

The Rose of the Mayor of Oyes and the fabulous Brut of Champagne Nomine-Renard
In order to keep it as local as possible we usually serve Champagne Liegeois-Fauchon as it is the family champagne of the mayor of our village who happened to be born in our was his family home therefore carries his history within. It is a simple wine with a fruity finish that is well liked amongst our guests.

On so many occasions this year that we have been asked by our guests who they should visit to buy some Champagne...rather than the Mayor who does not offer this service and due to their fabulous sophisticated wine, an unfailing enthusiasm and faultless hospitality we never ever hesitate to recommend that they call by and see Simon and Cecelia at Champagne Nomine-Renard in the next village in Villevenard...

They are very young with two small children and represent the next generation of Champagne makers in a long line of the family business...Simon's father Charles is now slowly retiring from the day to day running but maintains that the blending will still remain his domain for quite a few years yet. The art of  'blending' is the creative pleasure of the Champagne maker that requires experience, skill and a great palate in order to maintain a consistent end product while commencing the process with an ever changing natural juice...

The traditional style presses at Champagne Nomine Renard

Simon explaining the blending process with his Dad Charles looking on.
We adore Simon and Cecelia's dedication to their own champagne and their sense of responsibility to the label that is 'Champagne' and how it needs to be positively promoted within the region to the many visitors it hosts every year. As the business of Champagne is a very labour intensive hands-on affair we appreciate the value that they add to our guests stay by taking the time to show them around the cellars and share their knowledge over a glass or two of their delicious Champagne...sales often follow but they make it clear that they feel that this is a bonus not a requirement of the visit....they, of course, have now established within our clients many regulars who insist on stopping in to fill their car as they pass through. They produce a fabulous end product that is good value for money and our discerning guests can see that they need look no more or make an order by clicking the link below...

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