Friday, 9 December 2011

Entre Cour et Jardin / Le Grillon Voyageur

 Pop Up Shops has become the click phrase and we have two delicious regular POP UP SHOPS that hit Sezanne...our local village of 6,000 Christmas...that are SO worth waiting for!!

Check out the websites for these two fabulous stores which we love to visit...makes our Christmas shopping a delight!!!

Entre Cour et Jardin 

is a great shop which set in a house that was owned by two guys from Paris who spent their days decorating the homes of the wealthy French BUT unfortunately for us all one of the partners died of cancer leaving a gap that that now meant that the shop is a random affair bi-annually at the best...we LOVE what they stock and enjoy the artistic decoration of the beautiful house and garden that is a treasure to behold!!

Le Grillon Voyageur

This glamorous couple, Pascale and Olivier, that live in this fabulous French house decorated within an inch of itself in the centre of Sezanne...ozzing with style and colour that is subtle, classy and ever so tasteful. They decorate the house as a showroom and have gorgeous treats to buy in every room...the loot from their travels...rumor has it that they are ex-air hostesses and they return to their favourite haunts around Europe and bring back treasures for us to enjoy...they also do plenty of restoration and re-upholstery of the French collectables along the journey...FAB!

How lucky are we when living in rural France to have these fabulously tasteful people hosting us into their homes to buy their gorgeous stock to share with our family and friends....

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