Thursday, 3 March 2011

Champagne and Rose Biscuits/ 'Biscuit Rose de Reims'

My lovely niece Annah gets married tomorrow in New Zealand...a happy moment after all of the sad ones experienced lately in NZ. We cannot be there to share but feel we will be in spirit as they all enjoy Champagne and 'Biscuits Rose de Reims' that we sent from France for her, her new husband and their guests. The choice to spend your life in another part of world from where you grew up is always one that comes over time...but it is at times like this when you really feel the distance from family and wish that it was just a short trip to be with all of the whanau on the other side of the world...celebrating!

At the end of a row of grape vines in Champagne they plant see them dotted along the roadside as you pass by...they are very beautiful when flowering and dot the landscape with colour in contrast with the leafy green of the vines. These roses have a very important job to do. They are sensitive to changes in the soil and react quicker than the vines to disease. This gives the vine grower time to adjust the growing environment before it has any negative effect on the neighbouring vines. 
In typical french style where food is always closely linked to every aspect of life and in celebration of the rose 'Biscuit Rose de Reims' was created in 1691 and is still one of the jewels of the city of Reims today. Always associated with champagne it is a symbol of celebration. Reims [pronounced 'rance'] is a city we know well and enjoy...the cathedral is famous as the place where French Kings have been crowned for centuries...we worth a visit to catch the Marc Chagall stained glass windows...
Today, the rose biscuit is also used in many recipes. The powder is crushed into ice cream, white chocolate and parfaits with strawberries. The biscuits are used in a similar way to sponge fingers...soaked in alcohol and fruit juice and made into tiramisu style cakes with the liquer 'Marc de Champagne' or used as a decorative framework for cakes made with cream or ice cream. Always delicate, fragile and feminine. In addition to their pink colour the biscuits are characterized by a crisp texture and they melt in the mouth. They make a fantastic aperitif with champagne and are a great addition to a dessert platter with coffee. Commonly served by Champagne houses at tastings as you wind your way around the 'Route de Touristique' sampling the wares of local producers...a welcome snack to help to soak up some of the Champagne!
So my clever sister wrote to tell me she has written "a little blurb for the MC to read about the Fossier biscuits and you guys in France etc... we are having them with bubbles directly after the ceremony... the table will be set up with pressed glass plates, a vintage linen cloth and roses.... so should be nice - will take a photo of it for you to see... " I will post the photo once it arrives!! 
So here is 'SALUT' to our lovely neice, Annah and Davieth her new husband to be!! We hope that they have a fantastic life together!!!  Wish we were there!!

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Unknown said...

Oh my mouth is watering and you make me want to see the catherdral with the Chagall windows. He is my favourite artist. May blessings fall like roses on the wedding tomorrow. I am loving getting to know Sharon and Pete. Lovely post Glenis. xoxoxo