Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring Clean / Nettoyage de Printemps

 I really started something today when I opened the fridge and in a very 'Virgo' way decided that it needed a 'clean'....everything came out and almost all of it went back in once the interior was sparkling...then the oven top and before I knew it I had the oven pulled out and the whole damn kitchen was fair you have to understand that this was NOT how I had planned to spend my morning BUT I know myself well enough to know that once in this mood then I will not stop till all cupboards have been 'sifted and sorted, wiped and cleaned'!
As we have a wood burner the ash from the fire is a continuous hazard for the house proud...well it has all gone now and everything is lovely and clean...ready to start the summer! Chaos reins in my kitchen so now it's time to put the contents of the shelves and benches back to some semblance of order in time to cook dinner....
We had a nice wee interlude at lunchtime though as 'the' chicken came through the gate with Liliana clucking madly and fussing and carrying on...we left her to eat our baguettes and returned to discover, to our joy, another 2 eggs...still warm in her 'nest' in my garden...chicken nowhere to be seen...puts a whole new twist on  'dropping in'...I await with interest her return...might even get a photo of her next time!
                                                                  EGG TALLY: 6

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Anonymous said...

Sj here!! Love reading your ramblings and I had a good giggle at the kitchen cleaning episode! xx