Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring soup in London/Soup de Primtemps en Londres

A long awaited and overdue visit to London was had recently and, although most of our time was spent painting and sorting out our house, we had a few lovely evenings with old friends chatting and catching up...My great Kiwi mate Megan and her family are moving back to NZ after many years so we spent a few precious days together before the ditch between us widens further! And Liliana loved hanging out for long hours with Megan's daughter Phoebe....and these evenings, of course, included a visit my my old neighbour and fab friend Julia's for offer no wise women ever refuses. I love visiting Julia and have often described her house as a 'warm hug'.
Full to the brim with the most fascinating of objects her house is a true reflection of her and her families journey through life...none of this soulless minimalist carry on!!
Julia's kitchen is just fabulous filled with everything one can imagine and many many more things one cannot!! And needless to say the food that is prepared and served in this kitchen is reflective of this 'dedication to food' and all that that brings to the table. I have so many memories of meals past in this house and long may this feasting continue...

In typical Julia style her menu of an understated 'soup' and ratatouille was the most fantastic taste sensation!
The soup of spinach and green peas sounded so simple but add the 'dumplings' of goats cheese and fresh herbs to the plate before pouring the soup on top and you encounter another whole different experience. It was sensational and while rich so fresh and flavoursome....the cold tart cheese and the piping hot vibrant green soup just worked so well together...and the with you I shall share this recipe...

Spring Green Soup with Herb dumplings from Clare Bareham's column

125 gm spring onions
50 gm butter
zest from 1/2 unwaxed lemon
750 ml stock
150 gm frozen peas
200 gm spinach
bunch of watercress
1 tbsp finely chopped coriander
100 gm mild soft goats cheese
2 tbsp creme fraiche

1. Saute chopped spring onions in butter
2. Add lemon zest and season with salt and pepper
3. Add light chicken or vegetable stock and bring to the boil.
4. Add peas and bring back to the simmer then add spinach.
5. Chop a tbsp of the watercress finely than add rest and stalks to the boiling stock.
6. Simmer for another few minutes then blitz in batches and put in a clean pot. Taste and season.
7. Mix cheese, coriander, watercress and creme fraiche together.
8. Serve by putting 3 or 4 cheese dumplings in the base of the bowl and placing hot soup on top.
9. Note that this soup is best made and eaten same day as vivacious green colour dulls with time.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful kitchen. Mmmm. Hot green soup and goat's cheese dumplings!

Anonymous said...

The soup looks amazing! Keen to give that one a try. It may have to wait though as I seem to be subsisting on noodles and cornies and easter eggs at the moment! Bring on normality! x Erica