Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bapteme de Theodore, Eglise Saint Denis, Sezanne...

Last Saturday it was the christening of wee Theodore in the cathedral in Sezanne.
We had a fabulous day starting at the gorgeous ornate Sezanne cathedral with a highly entertaining service. Many thanks to Father Didier's animated display of overt enthusiasm which involved everyone and made us all feel very relaxed and welcome, especially the children.

Michael was to be Theodore's godfather so he had some special duties to perform...Theodore was a dream baby and slept through the majority of the service until he was lifted from his crib revealing the most gorgeous gown and bonnet of fine old French lace in a dusty cream. A family heirloom worn by three generations it was just beautiful...the wetting of his head was a bit of a shock after his cosy snoozing but no tears or drama and a cuddle with Mum and all was complete...
We moved to the parents home and proceeded to enjoy a feast of great portions that lasted all afternoon and into the evening.
 The final course was a 'Croquembouche'. Traditionally served at a christening or wedding the Croquembouche is made of profiteroles filled with delicious pastry cream fussed together with caramel and topped with toffee and sliced almonds

"A tradition cake for weddings and christenings . Croquembouche comes from the French "croquant" meaning crackling and "bouche" for mouth. Thus croquembouche refers to the crackling in your mouth when eating this traditional dessert. "

Theodore's was made by a friend of the parents at the local boulangerie...and it was divine!!

The croquembouche was decorated to look like a book with the round sweet balls hidden under the 'cover' of nutty chewy nougat...the delicate sugar toffee roses were Liliana's favourite.
  It was a great finale and a chance for family and friends to celebrate with champagne, of course!

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