Friday, 3 February 2012

Freezing cold Europe

Sadly people are dying as Europe freezes over...the whole of France is feeling the chill and even the Riviera could not get over 3 degrees as a high today... here it was minus 8 as Liliana went for the bus and although the sun shone it did not reach beyond minus 3...we anticipated a visit from the lovely Frida and Michel this weekend but they are stuck in Belgium in the snow....not to be...

BUT guess who had the best day in!!
And as we get ready for bed we peeked out the window to see a sheet of white and gorgeous gentle snowflakes floating down over the garden...the first snow of the season on the 3rd of matter how grown up you are it is always such fun to have the fresh soft virgin snow on your doorstep....I promise photos in the morning.....Liliana can't wait!!

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