Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Sun and the Snow...

We awoke to minus 12 degrees at 8amthis morning AND to the most gorgeous delicate dusting of snow....Madam Paris' Grandson David was out, with bare hands, helping the Deputy Mayor get the snow plough onto the back of the tractor!! Over training a little as there was very little snow on the is now 2pm and the sun has melted it all!

The girls and I are off to Sezanne to get haircuts...always a challenge to communicate what it is you really want done..the French hairdressers [and there are many many of them...7 busy salons in Sezanne with a population of 6,000 odd!!] LOVE to style you in a very specific way...not particularly the way I am used to but they mean well!

When I was younger my older sister was a hairdresser in a salon in Rotorua called 'Shampers'....I often think of her when Champagne is referred to as 'Shampers' by our Antipodeon guests....those days in the 1980's when everyone was using curling tongs to get the 'sausage roll' look...large baggy white frilly shirts were hot for boys and girls reminiscent of French men of the past!!...and those fab 'New Romantic' bands Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet!! Just lovely!

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